Is Solar Investing Right For You?

Innovative Solar Systems Specializes In Solar Energy Investing and Development. Find Out If This Exciting Opportunity Is Right For You
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What Innovative Solar Systems Does

Innovative Solar Systems offers a full range of services from initial feasibility studies all the way through turnkey installations. The timing from design to start-up can be as short as a three-month period. Our firm prides itself as being quick, thorough and the best commercial solar system company in the business. We have some of the most experienced electrical engineers in the world on our team and the principals of our company have been involved with energy conservation and solar for many years now. We understand solar, but more importantly we understand that we must provide clients with a turnkey solution that meets their needs. Our company designs and installs solar pv systems from 20MW all the way up to 200MW+. We do it all from initial site analysis, filing for all utility interconnection agreements and negotiating the best possible purchase power agreements with those utilities. We also help clients sell their Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) on the open market for the most money. Depending upon a client’s financial situation we can guide them to financing options and assure that they receive the maximum tax credits, depreciation and ongoing income for the highest return on investment for their systems. Our team is experienced and yes, we are the best in the business. There are no hidden costs when we offer turnkey solutions. We do it all, do it better and for less. Call the professionals at Innovative Solar Systems today for all of your commercial solar system needs.
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Innovative Solar Is the Industry Leader

Solar Investors 

Innovative Solar Systems (‘ISS’), recognized as the largest incubator of Solar Farm Projects in the U.S., is positioned to provide investors with access to the most diversified portfolio for investment purposes. Hedging your renewable investments across multiple states and market opportunities. Developers:  ISS, Greenfield developer of some of the largest Solar Farms east of the Rockies, experiences a high demand for their ‘Shovel Ready’ projects. These premium designed Solar Farm packages are routinely sought after by large scale developers, of which purchase these Solar Investor Portfolios, construct and commission the Solar Farms, selling the finished projects. 

As the market for ‘shovel ready projects’ experiences higher demand, these later stage large scale developers and EPCs are partnering with Greenfield Developers, such as ISS, in order to gain early access to the Solar Farm opportunities. Securing their pipeline of projects for years to come. Large family offices, infrastructure and pension funds:  The Utility Scale Solar Farms value is deeply tied with projected cash flow receivables (up to 40 years). Financial global entities seek out these assets for long term ownership, leveraging these cash flows up to 10x. The cost of construction and procurement for Solar Farms continues to decrease, already becoming the cheapest and cleanest method to produce power, these large entities actively seek projects and large portfolios of projects to satisfy their appetite.

As with the Late Stage Developers, these large financial entities are partnering with Greenfield Developers, ensuring their access to a flow of solar farms, securing the premium solar farms for long term ownership. Risk tolerant family office and private wealthy investors:  Early Stage Risk tolerant family offices and wealthy investors are attracted to the well above market returns that Greenfield development offers, where profit margins are only paled by viral apps that are difficult to secure in Silicon Valley tech companies.  These solar investors can enjoy returns north of 3x by taking on early development risk in less than five years.  By investing in a diversified pool of Greenfield projects, a hedge is created, mitigating the early stage risk and maximizing the chance for a rich return on their investment.

Strategic Partners: Developers, OEM Manufacturers, and long-term Solar Farm owners are partnering with Greenfield developers. Developers and entities desiring to own superior performing Solar Farms are seeking up strategic alliances with Greenfield Developers, increasing the chance of owning the ‘Crown Jewels’ of Solar Farms. OEM manufacturers are partnering securing an appetite for the products they produce, securing demand for their product.

Our Projects & Solar Investments

Many investors know that although PV (photovoltaic) solar farms generate enough electricity to produce financial returns on their own, superior returns can be realized due to government incentives and regulatory mandates. As federal and state governments want to “grow” the renewable energy industry various Tax Credits, Tax Abatements, Accelerated Depreciation of the assets, and other incentives are available for solar farm investors to capitalize and maximize your return on your investment.  

We can provide investors with custom tailored solar investments in as little as 90 days. There are not many investments around today that deliver these kinds of results that solar investments can. Many solar farm developers are willing to do sale/leaseback contracts that provide the investor with guaranteed cash flows and no maintenance concerns. In addition, the investor can use a “put” contract to sell the system back to the solar farm developer at the end of the 5-year period when the tax subsidies are exhausted.

The principals at ISS know how to structure solar investments to provide dependable returns and guaranteed exit strategies for investors. In addition to government incentives, mandates, and regulations, there are an increasing number of Corporate mandates, adding to the demand of efficient clean energy production. PV solar farms are one of the more attractive ways for utilities and corporations to purchase solar power at competitive prices. Call the principals at ISS today to find out more about solar investments in PV solar farms. We offer custom tailored solar investments to investors in as little as 90 days that are yielding some of the highest returns in the industry.

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